MySQL Table Export Plugin

This is a very simple plugin for handling the transition between a development server and production environment. Most of the WordPress-run sites I produce are placed in a preview domain and moved to the client’s server after approval. Since most sites require additional tables, it’s important to capture the preview data accurately before setting up the new website, and this plugin makes it easy by exporting a .CSV file with whatever options and tables are selected. This file can then be imported again with the same plugin, all without accessing the database control panel.

By using the format of the plugin CSV, you can also import your own text directly to the database.


  • Import and export of MySQL data
  • User-readable CSV format
  • Import custom data without DB Administration Panels

Cost — $5


For all feedback, please use the contact form at the top of the website. If you wish to translate this plugin into your native language, send an email and your website will be credited in the next plugin update.




v1.1 — December 16, 2012

  • Format updates
  • Bugfixes and verification

v1.0 — September 23, 2012

  • Initial version

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