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Mass Page Maker Pro is a plugin for the WordPress blog publishing platform that allows you to insert multiple posts at once using a web form or CSV file. You may notice that it is similar to my previous plugin, Mass Page Maker and that’s because it is: as a result of some feedback from the WordPress plugin repository, I’ve decided to offer a plugin for a cost, that is completely unrestricted. This Pro version of the plugin allows you to insert posts with a CSV file, whereas the free version available in the repository is limited to the web form.

Download now — free

Please note: I haven’t really supported this plugin for a while, mostly due to the time required for other projects. That is why it is now available for free, but without support.

Page Contents


  • Insert the same pages using the web form
  • Javascript/jQuery web interface
  • Insert unique pages with CSV files
  • Post number limited only by hardware (memory usage)
  • Create custom format using the CSV column selector
  • Update existing pages with CSV
  • Duplicate existing pages with CSV


Want to translate it into another language? Send the translated .mo file to w [at] wesg [dot] ca and I’ll include it in new versions. You’ll get an acknowledgement and link right here.


Have questions? Problems?


CSV form screenshot

Web form screenshot


  1. Install by expanding .zip file into wp-content/plugins folder
  2. Activate plugin in Plugin panel
  3. View plugin page under Tools > Mass Page Maker Pro
  4. Choose whether you want to use the web form or CSV
  5. Fill out the web form for importing those posts
  6. Choose default CSV format or create and rearrange custom format

CSV Format

* Column is required in default listing

Post Title*

default: blank
kind: string
example: Post Title Text

Post Date*

default: current time, current timezone
format: YYYY-MM-dd hh:mm:ss
kind: string
example: 2013-03-02 11:45:23
example: 2013-03-04 13:00

Post Content*

default: blank
kind: string

Post Excerpt*

default: blank
kind: string

Post Category*

default: Uncategorized
kind: integer (Category ID) or string (Category title)
format: Category data separated by commas
example: Category 1
example: Category 2, 109


default: blank
kind: string
format: Tag data separated by commas

Page Parent*

default: blank/0 (no parent)
kind: integer (Post ID) or string (Post title)
example: 110
example: Top Level Page Title

Page Template*

default: default template
kind: string
format: the PHP filename of template in the theme

Post Status*

default: publish
kind: string
options: publish, pending, draft, private

Post Type*

default: post
kind: string
options: post, page and any custom formats

Post Password*

default: none
kind: string

Custom meta keys*

default: none
kind: string
format: all meta keys separated by commas

Custom meta values*

default: none
kind: string
format: meta key values (matched against the above keys)

Comment Status*

default: open
kind: string
options: open, closed

Ping Status*

default: open
kind: string
options: open, closed

Duplicate Post

default: not used
kind: Integer (post ID) or string (Post title)
result: Duplicates this post and overwrites it with the content supplied here

Existing Post

default: not used
kind: Integer (post ID) or string (Post title)
result: update the post specified with all of the content supplied here


Default values — Download

default CSV

Post title and content only — Download

post title and content

Post content and meta — Download

post meta content

Update existing post content — Download

update post content

Duplicate existing post — Download

duplicate content category

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