WordPress Plugins

Here is a list of WordPress plugins I’ve written, that are either free or paid. Most are small utilities to help developers build products more efficiently. Use the contact form above for feedback or questions.

For older plugins that are no longer supported, please view this page.

Mass Page Maker Pro

This is the Pro version of Mass Page Maker, a plugin for importing multiple pages to WordPress using a web interface and CSV file. Create a customized CSV format to import the data you want, with the plugin added the rest. If the web interface is all you need, look at Mass Page Maker.

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While I thought a widget like this was fairly common, it turns out there’s no easily-accessible plugin to create a link to popular posts. So that’s what this plugin/widget does. You can customize the title, number of links to display, and whether you want to show the comment count.

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MySQL Table Export

Transfer data between a test server and the production site with this handy import/export utility. Export complete databases or individual tables, along with individual options from the options table. Alternatively use the same CSV format to import custom data.

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Mass Page Maker

Inspired by a single forum post requesting this feature, I wrote this plugin in an evening. It is quite versatile and can create as many posts or pages as you wish. Titles can be written incrementally or be completely different from each other.

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