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Now that Christmas is over, a Mac nerd’s thoughts turn to January. More specifically, January 5 – 9. That is the time of the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Traditionally, this is when Apple releases their big products that have been in development for some time (in 2007 they released this little think called the iPhone). Sadly, those days are all but over, as Apple has announced 2009 will be their last. No more Stevenotes, no more Bingo, no more Boom!, and no more one more thing…. Ah, the memories.

What was the reason for this?

The prevailing theory is that Stevie J’s health has degraded to the point where making the keynotes he is famous for is now simply too draining. That is acceptable, because health should always be your primary concern.

The other opinion — and one that I tend to agree with — is that Apple has decided to release products on their own terms. With the prevalence of rumor sites like Macrumors, AppleInsider and even AppleTell, Apple has lost much of the surprise that comes along with releasing new products. If you trace Apple’s stock price back to the time before and after keynote presentations, often it falls as a result of people seeing products they were completely expecting. No surprises means no blown-away investors. Instead, Apple appears to be going to more toned-down events on their own campus, at a time of their choosing. Rather than have a huge affair in San Francisco, they instead invite select media people to view their latest product. This way they can retain some element of surprise and release the product when they feel the time is exactly right.

What does this mean for Macworld Expo? It means that exhibitors that once suffered by competing with whatever Apple released at the conference can now show their products with the full attention of the present media. I’m slightly disappointed, because I was always hoping that someday I could make it out to San Francisco to see one of the legendary presentations.

I guess instead I’ll be saving my money for whatever gets released instead.

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