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Late last year I was lucky enough to get a gift certificate to the Apple Store. I never really had a chance to get out to the store until a few months ago, when I picked up an Incase Canvas Sleeve for a 13″ MacBook Pro, and the Logitech V470 Bluetooth Travel Mouse. I’ve always wanted a Bluetooth mouse that I can toss into my backpack to be ready whenever and wherever I need it.

Logitech make solid peripherals for both the Mac and PC platform. My desk is littered with Logitech products like the MX400 Laser Performance mouse, the Premium USB 350 Headset and few other older mice that are still going. I had no trouble picking up a product with the Logitech badge on it, but I was a little curious as to how the bluetooth connection would affect my regular use because a friend mentioned his older model has serious lag issues.

Fortunately my V470 shows none of that. After pairing it with my MacBook Pro under OS X, it worked exactly the way a mouse should. Thanks to the laser technology inside, it even worked on surfaces that my older optical Logitech mouse had trouble tracking on. That is very important for a travel mouse, as users often find themselves operating on something other than a mouse pad. In the many weeks of use since, though, I’ve noticed that the mouse occasionally refuses to connect to my computer properly. The fix is simple, I just have to remove the pairing and reconnect them. It works well after that.

Physically the V470 is quite a small mouse with two physical buttons and a scroll wheel that includes two additional left and right buttons. This makes it easy to map functions to specific triggers. I use USBOverdrive to map the left and right scroll buttons to Back and Command+Tab, respectively. In Windows 7 Logitech provides a control panel for mapping functions, but I’ve found that the Alt+Tab combination does not work there. Instead, I just use forward and backward links. Visible in the upper photo is my MacBook Pro + V470, which fits in nicely with the aluminum aesthetic Apple has chosen for their products. The dimensions of the mouse make it just like a little smaller than a standard desktop mouse, but right along the lines of other portable laptop mice. It feels comfortable in my hand, but after a while I do need to stretch my palm out again to prevent it from cramping.

Battery wise the V470 runs on 2 AA batteries and I would estimate runs for a few days of mixed usage (active and standby). It goes into sleep mode after maybe 30 seconds of non use, and that extends the available power for a long time. I’ve replaced the batteries once so far since January, however it is not my primary mouse so I’m not sure how effective that really means it is. If you use it for a few hours a day, it will probably last a few weeks.

The Logitech V470 Bluetooth mouse is an excellent companion for road warriors who want a mouse with multiple buttons, Bluetooth connectivity and battery longevity. Having it available in your laptop bag means working at coffee shops, train stations or airports can be more efficient and comfortable.

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