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Fix missing media info and thumbnails in WordPress 3.4.x

Does your WordPress media library look like this photo? Maybe you don’t have the same affinity for the BMW 1M that I do, but if you’re missing thumbnails, I might be able to help. After upgrading an important installation to

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Mass Page Maker development information

The WordPress community is a great group of people dedicated to furthering a terrific open-source product. After setting up my website originally, I began messing around with plugin code to see what I could do. PHP got more and more

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Mass Page Maker v2.5.2 Scheduled Post Test

This post was written using Mass Page Maker v2.5.2 and was scheduled to publish at 12:45 EST.

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Mass Page Maker Scheduled Post Test

This post was set up as a test of the scheduled (cron) behaviour of the Mass Page Maker 2.5.1 plugin. It should be posted at 5:00 PM EST. UPDATE: It only published after I changed the time in the editor,

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Bright idea: Check your plugins!

I’d been struggling valiantly with a blog that refused to save properly without giving an error (plug: www.ryersonformulasae.com, check it out!) until earlier today I decided to try modifying the settings until something changed. After deactivating the first plugin–which happened

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