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D-Link PowerLine Adapters: Electric networking

As home networks become larger and larger, new technology will be required to get gadgets connected that are sprinkled around the house. D-Link, along with other manufacturers, has recognized that many electronics now require internet connectivity, but are either not

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iTunes 8 initial thoughts

Yesterday Apple released new iPods at their special event in San Francisco, and also unveiled the next version of their jukebox software, iTunes 8. There have been a few things I’ve noticed about the new application — both good and

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What’s on your iPod?

It has been nearly 1 month since Apple opened the iPhone platform to 3rd party developers and the results have been fantastic. Here is a short list of applications that have earned a place on my home screen. WordPress What

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Pick the right iPod

In 2001, Apple introduced the 5GB iPod. At first it wasn’t the amazing success it is today, but soon people realized that Apple’s hardware/software integration made the MP3 player experience that much better. Soon Apple came out with different models,

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iPod touch 2.0 is twice as cool

When I initially got my iPod touch, I was very impressed with its features, capabilities and design. Suddenly I was no longer chained to my MacBook for portable computing. Last evening I upgraded to iPod software 2.0, and in a

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