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Introducing “Here’s My Location”, an iPhone app

Towards the end of school in April, I got in contact with a classmate who was connected to iPhone development, and in September I started working full time for them. It’s been really cool to see how apps actually progress

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How Apple can improve iTunes

After downloading iTunes 8, I wrote some of my initial opinions based on my first few hours with the program. While the overall message was that iTunes 8 is an excellent update, I found something today that Apple can do

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iTunes 8 initial thoughts

Yesterday Apple released new iPods at their special event in San Francisco, and also unveiled the next version of their jukebox software, iTunes 8. There have been a few things I’ve noticed about the new application — both good and

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Move iTunes media between drives

This was going to be a post about how to move your iTunes library from one drive to another (maybe after upgrading it) and have iTunes recognize it properly. I thought it was going to include XML editing to trick

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Automatic or Manual (Syncing)?

When you get an iPod, you’re faced with many decisions: should I put mostly movies on it? Which songs should I use? Should I manually manage the music, or can I leave it as automatic syncing? While I can’t help

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