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You only move once

If you visited the site in the last 24 hours, you’ve probably grown familiar with that nice 404 Not Found error page. That was because I was moving hosts and basically botched the transition. In December 2007 I started this

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Automatically update your computer’s uptime on your website

You might notice in the footer of my blog that there is a small item that says My MacBook has been on for 4 days, 20:18 hours. I thought that this might be an interesting thing to share with people.

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Upgrade the MacBook Part 1: Change the Hard Drive

This is part 1 of upgrading your MacBook. Part 2 is moving the data to the new drive. When you purchase a MacBook, the options for hard drive space are 80GB, 120GB, or now, 250GB. I went with the stock

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How to: Extend your Airport network with WDS

If you’re like me, you wait for a while whenever new technology arrives. We didn’t get a DVD player until they had been on the scene for a few months, and we didn’t have high speed internet until the price

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Disable WordPress Autosave

Starting a website and blog has been a very interesting learning experience for me. I’m continually looking for ways to improve the blog and make it more enjoyable. That includes writing good content, and checking the stats at the end

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