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Remove addresses automatically added in Mail

Originally, this was going to be a tip about how to remove the addresses used previously inside Mail. I found the preference file, an application to edit the database, and even wrote up a post for MacOSXHints. Then Rob Griffiths

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Use 1 database for 2 blogs with WordPress 2.6

UPDATE 2: A lot has changed to WordPress since 2.x so I don’t recommend trying this for versions above 4.0. I can’t confirm it’s operation. UPDATE: This also works with WP 2.7.1. If editing wp-db.php is too daunting, you can

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How to: Make a backup drive

It’s 8 AM. You’re just about to email the TPS reports you’ve been working on since 1 o’clock this morning when suddenly your computer stops responding to your inputs. In a panic, you shut down the system by holding the

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Move iTunes media between drives

This was going to be a post about how to move your iTunes library from one drive to another (maybe after upgrading it) and have iTunes recognize it properly. I thought it was going to include XML editing to trick

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Upgrade the MacBook Part 2: Get that data going

This is part 2 of a 2 part series on upgrading your MacBook. Part 1 is exchanging the hard drive. After you upgrade your MacBook’s hard drive, you’re stuck with a computer that likely has no data on it. This,

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