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Front Row was a great addition to the iMac G5 when it was introduced in 2005. It gave a home theatre-like interface to some of the excellent applications that make up the iLife suite — iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, Garageband and iWeb. Using the included Apple Remote, users can sit on a couch and view movies, movie trailers, photos and listen to songs that are stored on the computer.

If you’re using an iMac, there’s no problem because the screen is likely large enough to view media nicely. But what if you’re using a MacBook or MacBook Pro and have it connected to a nice big HDTV? The problem is that Front Row only shows on the primary display, and if you’re using the portable in extended desktop mode, the interface will default to the internal screen.

The solution is to only use the external monitor. How? Simply close your MacBook to put it to sleep and use the remote to wake the computer. If you have a password to exit the screensaver you’ll need to open the laptop to type that in, but once you close it again, the computer only uses the external display.

Press any button on the remote, or even use an external keyboard while the computer is asleep and you’ll be able to enjoy Front Row in beautiful high definition on your big TV. Couple that with 5.1 surround sound and you’ve got a complete theatre experience.

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