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Interesting ad choice for a Mac blog

I’m a regular reader of the Mac news blog MacUser.com and today I noticed an interesting ad on the sidebar. The ad (shown above) was for a company called Psystar, which sells computers preinstalled with OS X, Vista or XP

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Video frustrations

Most of the time I’m quite happy with the products that come out of Cupertino. If I wasn’t, I’d probably not start a blog with so many Mac tips. But recently I’ve noticed 2 video-related things that have stymied my

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5 Things Apple should fix with 10.5.3

OS X Leopard is a great operating system, but having used it since it’s arrival in October, I’ve found a number of things I think Apple should fix, in increasing order of randomness:

Network Sharing
Time Machine configuration
Workgroup configuration
WiFi dropouts
Spaces configuration

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How I avoided a potential eBay scam

Recently I’ve started to use eBay more often, mostly for getting rid of older electronics while they are still in their shelf life, and have never had a problem. That includes 3 sales and about 9 other purchases to and

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5 things I miss when I use Windows

It’s no secret that I’m a Mac fan; after all, on a website with the tagline Macs and more you’d think it’s pretty obvious. That doesn’t mean that I don’t use Windows at all, or that I despise it completely.

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