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Spotlight has a problem

I think something might be wrong. Let’s hope actually finding something on the computer takes less time. For the record, 124,392 hours is the equivalent to 14 years, 2 months, 12 days and 10 hours.

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MacBook battery problems

Batteries are technology’s weak link. While tech like processor clock speed, hard drive capacity and graphics cards has accelerated rapidly over the last few years, battery capacity and total usage time has remained relatively constant. Sure, the newest lithium ion

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Live and learn

Something positive almost always comes out of a negative situation. In my case, it happened earlier this week while I was continuing work on my WordPress plugin. After adding a single page when testing, I wanted to delete it. Rather

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Keynote makes me angry

It’s not often that an Apple product gets me well and truly frustrated. Generally I can pinpoint a repetitive problem and find other people with similar issues, and often find a solution. But the current problem I’m having with Keynote

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Inside a broken hard drive

Early last week I was working on my MacBook, with a USB hard drive, FireWire Time Machine drive built from my old iBook, and keyboard connected. Suddenly, my computer shut off, and I smelled burnt plastic — clearly two events

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