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Blog posts have been hard to come by in the last few weeks, mostly because I’ve been heavily involved in school. Since the year is done, I’m hoping to get more posts to the site, mostly from a few projects I’m hoping to work on.

In case you’re interested in what courses are involved in becoming schooled in the art of Mechanical Engineering, here are the courses I’ve had to take over 3 years of school.

Semester 1

Calculus 1
Linear Algebra
Physics 1
Computer Programming

Semester 2

Calculus 2
Physics 2
Physics 3
Engineering Design
Materials Science 1

Semester 3

Manufacturing 1
Statics and Mechanics of Materials
Materials Science 2

Semester 4

Engineering Economics
Thermodynamics 1
Mechanics of Machines
Stress Analysis
Manufacturing 2
Numerical Analysis

Semester 5

Thermodynamics 2
Fluid Mechanics 1
Mechanics of Machines
Electric Circuits
Mechanics of Deformable Bodies

Semester 6

Fluid Mechanics 2
Heat Transfer
Electric Circuits 2
Finite Element Analysis

These classes mostly deal with math, physics, material selection, and fluid behaviour. In the three years, not much time was spent designing actual products, so I hope we do more of that in fourth year.

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