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The Apple Geniuses. Givers of knowledge and sharers of solutions, they help you with your Mac when it doesn’t cooperate. Having been helped in the past, I found myself again at the Genius Bar this past Tuesday with a problem.

Why can’t I see files with Airport Disk on my Airport Extreme?

I told him about everything I had done:

The only way any of these things would work would be if user access wasn’t used. Regardless of format, partition, size or any other disk features, we could only list the files if either password method was set up. After some testing, we determined that user access just wouldn’t work. After switching out a new Airport Extreme base station, we found that even that system didn’t work with the user access.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before”, the Genius said. It was so weird and confusing that he sent a message off to Apple engineering to see if they could figure it out.

Ever seen anything like this?

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