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The blog is now Skribit enabled

Skribit is a web based startup company that helps bloggers cure writer’s block by giving users an easy way to make suggestions. Pushed forward by Paul Stamatiou — whose blog I highly recommend — it works as a blog widget

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Interesting ad choice for a Mac blog

I’m a regular reader of the Mac news blog MacUser.com and today I noticed an interesting ad on the sidebar. The ad (shown above) was for a company called Psystar, which sells computers preinstalled with OS X, Vista or XP

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Blog changes

You may have noticed some changes on the blog in the last day or so. After seeing the sidebar vanish from its designated placement once again, I decided to change the WordPress to one that eschews the sidebar in favor

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You only move once

If you visited the site in the last 24 hours, you’ve probably grown familiar with that nice 404 Not Found error page. That was because I was moving hosts and basically botched the transition. In December 2007 I started this

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Automatically update your computer’s uptime on your website

You might notice in the footer of my blog that there is a small item that says My MacBook has been on for 4 days, 20:18 hours. I thought that this might be an interesting thing to share with people.

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