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Yesterday morning was Apple’s annual developer convention — called WWDC — and in case you weren’t able to read about everything that was announced, here’s the important stuff to take away from Steve J’s presentation.

  • 3G iPhone — now with more speed!
    One of the big complaints about the original iPhone was that it used the slower EDGE network for surfing the web and emailing. Not anymore. iPhone 2.0 takes advantage of the faster 3G network to enable you to surf and email at near WiFi speeds. In addition to the data rates, the new iPhone also contains GPS for geotagging photos, uses a more sculpted shell, and comes at a lower price (from $399 to $199!).
  • OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard — slightly different name, slightly different OS
    While Steve Jobs only briefly mentioned the new Mac OS, Apple has an entire page dedicated to the new cat. This new version contains fewer incredible new features, but instead focuses on polishing the interface and under-the-hood system.
  • MobileMe — .Mac’s replacement
    MobileMac is positioning itself to make most of the applications people use on a regular basis (Mail, iCal, iPhoto, etc.) more platform-neutral. Basically, this service will allow subscribers to sync their data together and view anything in a regular web browser. It could be a cool service if you have multiple computers, but it will cost $99/year.
  • iPhone / iPod touch software 2.0 — adds many new features
    Available in the 3G iPhone for free and the iPod touch for $10, version 2.0 of the OS acclaimed for its interface contains many new features, the biggest being Microsoft Exchange support for enterprises, and 3rd party applications. Some of the demos look pretty amazing, and there should be even more available when the iPhone and system upgrade are available in July.

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If you’re like me, you wait for a while whenever new technology arrives. We didn’t get a DVD player until they had been on the scene for a few months, and we didn’t have high speed internet until the price dropped way down. In fact, there’s probably a Betamax player somewhere in the basement.

I waited until Revision 2 to pick up an Airport Extreme base station. The gigabit feature was the reason I waited. I probably didn’t notice much difference since there are only 2 wired computers on the network, and only 1 has Gigabit ethernet, but waiting for Product 2.0 is generally a good way to go. The router I was replacing is an Airport Express base station that has been my entire wireless setup since 2004, and it has been an excellent solution. With the Airport Extreme, I played around with the settings, and learned that I had better reception for my iPod touch if I used Wireless G with both routers instead of a single Wireless N base station.

With that in mind, here is a tutorial for using two Airport base stations to create a single distributed network.


  1. Configure Main base station
  2. Configure Remote base station

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OS X Leopard is a great operating system, but having used it since it’s arrival in October, I’ve found a number of things I think Apple should fix, in increasing order of randomness:

  1. Network Sharing
  2. Time Machine configuration
  3. Workgroup configuration
  4. WiFi dropouts
  5. Spaces configuration

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