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Mass Page Maker Scheduled Post Test

This post was set up as a test of the scheduled (cron) behaviour of the Mass Page Maker 2.5.1 plugin. It should be posted at 5:00 PM EST. UPDATE: It only published after I changed the time in the editor,

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Bright idea: Check your plugins!

I’d been struggling valiantly with a blog that refused to save properly without giving an error (plug:, check it out!) until earlier today I decided to try modifying the settings until something changed. After deactivating the first plugin–which happened

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Use 1 database for 2 blogs with WordPress 2.6

UPDATE 2: A lot has changed to WordPress since 2.x so I don’t recommend trying this for versions above 4.0. I can’t confirm it’s operation. UPDATE: This also works with WP 2.7.1. If editing wp-db.php is too daunting, you can

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WordPress Widget: Most Popular Posts

I’m working on a revamp to the blog, and in my search for excellence I was unable to find a widget to display a link to the most popular posts according to the number of comments — something I want

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WordPress Plugin: Find and Replacer

Please be aware that this plugin was built quite some time ago and I haven’t had a chance to update it in some time. It may work properly, it might not. Make sure you have a database backup before using.

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