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It’s no secret that I’m a Mac fan; after all, on a website with the tagline Macs and more you’d think it’s pretty obvious. That doesn’t mean that I don’t use Windows at all, or that I despise it completely. For some jobs, I need to use Windows, often because of software requirements. Mostly this involves work with my engineering class, but sometimes it’s smaller programs that just aren’t available anywhere else.

After using Windows for a while, then returning to OS X, I have found a number of things that I truly miss when using software from Redmond.
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So there I was, waiting for the elevator, when I noticed that one of the doors had a giant sign stating


I’m glad that we are being notified, but it got me thinking. Someone had to discover that the elevator was no longer in service, which means there had to be someone in there at the time. That wouldn’t be cool.