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Tracking Login Attempts

I’m an inquisitive person. Maybe it’s because I’m an engineer, but I like learning about new things, whether they’re related to cars, computers or technology in general. So recently when looking through the logs of my Ubuntu server, I discovered

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Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Wow. It’s been almost 12 full months since I wrote on these pages. Partly this is down to laziness, and partly a result of having too many cool things to do. Since I do enjoy writing and describing interesting things

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Building a Watercooled PC: Part 1

I’ve been looking forward to writing the post for this project. It may seem that I’m exclusively a Mac user, but my time inside operating systems is probably split 60, 30 and 10 in Mac OS X, Ubuntu and Windows

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Drive failures are inevitable

I generally modify my computers with new hard drives and additional RAM after purchasing them. I added RAM to my iBook and replaced the HDD in both my MacBook and MacBook Pro. I bought a 250GB Seagate drive for my

Thoughts on finishing Engineering

In March 2010 I took part in a ceremony that all engineers go through once they complete their undergraduate degree in Canada. Called the “Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer“, it serves as a basis for remembering what engineering

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