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Normally I don’t follow the crowds to social networking sites online, but in the case with Twitter, it was just too large to ignore. With that in mind, I’ve joined the social networking site and have occasionally added updates. I’ll likely use it in the way I use this blog, with updates when a thought hits me, but there’s also a good chance that I’ll start using it much more often.

Follow me on Twitter

I’ll try my best to read the feeds of people who follow, and will likely follow them too. Check it out!

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Building websites is a rather evolutionary thing. Code is reused and improved continuously and after a few sites that used a similar code structure, I decided to create a separate subdomain of my site to sell these scripts for $1.

The wesg Script Directory contains all the various scripts and programs I’ve created and I will add to them whenever a new one is made. Each script will have a demo for you to try before purchasing and is all done through PayPal.

Right now I only have a PHP/MySQL based events organizer, but in the coming days/weeks I’ll have a login script there too.

Need a base to start your website? Check it out!

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Skribit is a web based startup company that helps bloggers cure writer’s block by giving users an easy way to make suggestions. Pushed forward by Paul Stamatiou — whose blog I highly recommend — it works as a blog widget for the popular hosting packages.

After reading some more about it, and its implementation, I’ve decided to join. You’ll now notice that beneath every post on the main pages, there is a Suggest via Skribit link. This will take you to my Skribit profile where you can make suggestions and vote on current ones.

Why join Skribit?

I signed up for Skribit because I like what it is about, and it could help me think up posts during the brief time no one asks me to fix their computer. Despite the fact that my current design does not have a sidebar for the recommended widget implementation, I still want to give it a try. Maybe I’ll be overwhelmed by suggestions, or maybe I’ll have nothing, but either way I’ll have experienced what most startups go through at the beginning.

Suggest away!

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You may have noticed some changes on the blog in the last day or so. After seeing the sidebar vanish from its designated placement once again, I decided to change the WordPress to one that eschews the sidebar in favor of more data on the About page. Of course, this also means that I can’t display my Most Popular Posts plugin on the homepage, but it has now been moved to the About page as well. All this rearranging gives more room to the blog content, which can now be used more effectively.

Let me know what you think, and check out these other two designs since the blog went online in December of 2007.

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After writing my last post about picking a new Mac, I decided to create a page to take some of the thinking out of the process. The Mac Chooser is a small form that evaluates the data given to it, and returns a recommendation for a new computer. It is by no means the last word, but it does a good job at processing common tasks.

If there is an activity missing in the form, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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