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Bash script to add TV episode names

Earlier I wrote an Applescript that goes online to and finds the episode titles for TV show video files. While that seemed to work properly, changed their format and my Applescript went kaput. Since I really wanted to

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Don’t panic!

Just like the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, a kernel panic can strike fear into the heart of even a seasoned computer user. This black and grey screen suggesting that you restart your computer in multiple languages signals that the

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Reminder: BCC hides your contacts

I’m writing this today as a public service. You may notice that your mail client typically contains 3 address entries: To, CC, and BCC. To is self explanatory, but the other two are often misused. CC, or carbon copy, sends

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Things to check when installing Boot Camp

With the transition to Intel processors, Apple made it easy for users to dual-boot Windows and OS X on the same computer. Earlier I gave some suggestions of which method to use, and also fix the install problems when using

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Use Leopard icons

Whenever a new operating system comes out, many people enjoy peeking around the internals to see what sort of treasures lie beneath the shiny exterior. Nerdy, yes, but in the case of Leopard, that searching yielded some very cool results.

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