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I use Butler everyday, many times each day. I become less productive without it. One of the most productive uses I have found for Butler is linking it to Internet search engines. Here is a tutorial on how to make Butler play nice with Google et al. Read More »

While there are websites available that can save and convert YouTube (and other flash video) videos to use on an iPod or other media device, nothing beats having control over the output and doing something yourself. Here, I’ll show you how to convert YouTube videos using iSquint for Mac OS X.Read More »

While iPhoto is a great tool to organize your digital photos from your camera, it only offers the ability to import all the photos, instead of picking and choosing which ones you’d like imported. Here is a quick and efficient way of importing single photos from your camera to iPhoto.Read More »

There are many ways to pause and play iTunes from any application, but this is one of the first solutions I’ve found to pause Quicktime movies when in another application. It is very practical when listening to long clips and switching back and forth between programs. Read More »

UPDATE: There is a new post about compiling C programs entirely within Xcode using Mac OS X 10.7+. Read it here.

During a programming class back in 2006, I had to find a way to write and compile C programs on my iBook G4. This was one of the ways I found to do that job. Read More »