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With the advent of the iPod Video, iTunes let you organize your movies into one convenient location. However, if you are anything like me, you’ve collected a large number of videos that aren’t exactly “movies”. You might have TV Shows, or live performances that have been ripped from your DVDs, and now they don’t all fit under the movie label.

The solution is to reorganize your videos so that they end up in iTunes under TV Shows, and enter your iPod the same way. To do this, you need a program that changes the label data within the movie so that iTunes can recognize it. Enter Parsley is Atomically Delicious. This handy little program takes files you have encoded for your iPod, and can rename them so that they appear in iTunes under the proper category. It can rename movies, TV shows or even music videos.

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So you just got a new MacBook, have a big, powerful surround sound system, and want the two to cooperate with each other. What do you do?

One of the little known features of the MacBook, as well as all of the current Macs available, is that it can output full surround sound using the headphone jack. This is because the jack is both analog out and optical out. This makes it very easy to connect your computer to a home theater system and listen to music at the highest quality possible. With this cable, the MacBook will output full digital sound.

That takes care of making the connections, but outputting true 5.1 sound requires a few more steps.
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When it comes to technology, timing is everything. The problem, though, is that technology moves at such a high rate that whatever you buy now, will be outdated within weeks. This is especially true with Macs. Apple is such a secretive company that you can never tell when they will release a new product until it is done.

However, there are times of the year when it is best to wait and see what will come from Apple. These conferences often bring updates to the computer lines. They are:

  • Macworld San Francisco (second week of January)
  • Worldwide Developer Conference (July)*
  • Apple Expo (September)

* WWDC doesn’t usually have consumer product updates (ie. iPods) but has done so in the past.

The basic idea is to wait as long as you can before purchasing a Mac. If you need it now, buy it, and don’t look back. The computer or iPod will still be powerful, it just won’t be the latest and greatest.
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In what may be the most expected result of any Mac test I’ve ever done, I learned that closing the lid on a MacBook while it is still in the shutdown procedure will not cause it to sleep, but will continue in the shutdown process. Handy.
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If you’re a Mac user, you’ve likely heard a significant amount about Leopard, the new OS X version 10.5. From newspapers, blogs or magazines, there is a lot of information on this newest cat. You’re likely wondering what Leopard brings that makes it worthy of an upgrade and $129 (that’s right, Canada has the same price as the US), so I’ll try to show what makes Leopard more agile than previous versions of OS X. Read More »