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It’s funny how solutions to problems come out of the blue. I was in the process of converting a number of .aif audio files to .MP3 with ffmpegX when I happened to pick up the April 2006 edition of Macworld and found a program that could speed up the process under the Tools of the Trade section. That program was called Max.

Max is a versatile, easy to use application does one job: convert audio. It takes in audio files of many formats — multiple files — and can convert them to many others. I was happy to find this program because it can convert to MP3. Other programs like Quicktime Pro and Audacity don’t have this ability.

To use Max and output to any format of your choosing, you open the preference panel and select the format you need. I only used MP3, but there are an abundance of other formats available.

After you’ve selected the correct format and output folder, it is a simple matter of draggin any audio file into the queue and pressing Convert. Max takes it from there and gives you a complete collection of your original tunes in their own formats. This batch processing ability makes it a tool that I will be using for a long time.

Max represents another excellent piece of software developed for the open source community, and does a terrific job at its designed purpose.

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