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Spotlight has a problem

I think something might be wrong. Let’s hope actually finding something on the computer takes less time. For the record, 124,392 hours is the equivalent to 14 years, 2 months, 12 days and 10 hours.

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Put your Mac into a Deep Sleep

I really like finding little applications that do a single specialized task really well. In this case, it is a Dashboard widget called Deep Sleep that puts your computer into hibernation. I discovered it on MacOSXHints and have been using

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Applescript: Get TV Titles

UPDATE: (which I use to find the show titles) has since changed their format, so I cannot guarantee that this script works as advertised. I will confirm it in the near future. UPDATE 2: This Applescript has been replaced

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Leopard, one year later

It’s been just over 1 year since I waited in line on October 27, 2007 for Leopard. Now that I’ve had 52 weeks to use and abuse the operating system, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve come

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iTunes 8 initial thoughts

Yesterday Apple released new iPods at their special event in San Francisco, and also unveiled the next version of their jukebox software, iTunes 8. There have been a few things I’ve noticed about the new application — both good and

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