Mac Apps

Here are a few applications that I use often:

IM client Bit Torrent client Application Launcher
Video Conversion VNC client HTML editor
DVD Ripper DVD conversion FTP client
Multimedia Player iPod restore Wireless Sniffer
RAR unarchiver iTunes Labeler

Adium is one of those programs that I use every day. It is a very versatile instant messenger client that can connect to MSN, AIM, Bonjour, and even Jabber accounts simultaneously. Through AdiumXtras, it is infinitely customizable, including sound sets, message styles and dock icons.

Butler (and Quicksilver)
Butler is one of my must have programs that I can’t live without. It is an application launcher, meaning a keyboard shortcut brings up a search box that instantly narrows down your search as you type. This works on songs, videos, applications–almost anything. To make it even better, it can be configured to do other tasks, like using a search engine or running an Applescript. Although I do not use Quicksilver on a regular basis, it performs many of the same actions, and can be configured with additional plugins.

Chicken of the VNC
If you have VNC set up on another computer on your network, Chicken of the VNC allows you to connect to that computer and control it from the comfort of your own chair.

HandBrake is a very easy way of converting DVDs (that you own) to files that are playable on an iPod or many other popular portable video devices. The queue feature is especially handy for converting all the episodes on a TV show DVD.

iSquint is the easiest way to convert the video files on your computer for your iPod. The batch conversion makes converting an entire TV season simple and painless.

Looking for wireless networks? iStumbler gives you information about nearby networks including strength, encryption and channel.

Mac the Ripper
Rip DVDs that you own in full size and quality, or choose specific parts of the DVD to watch on your computer.

Parsley is Atomically Delicious
PAD allows you to change the labels on iTunes videos. It can change videos so they appear in their proper TV Show folder.

Need to get the songs off your iPod? Senuti is an easy way of transferring the songs off your iPod in the event of a computer failure.

Taco HTML Edit (and Textwrangler)
If you write website code, Taco colors your tags and makes writing entire sites easy and organized. Textwrangler is a very powerful text editor that is an excellent choice for programming in C, C++ and others. It can also edit those tricky preference files on your Mac.

To gain access to Bit Torrent files and all the wonderful things they bring, you need a client. Transmission is a light, easy to use client that has a large number of customization options available that make it very powerful.

One of the finest, easiest to use FTP clients around.

Assemble the folder full of .RARs that come from a Bit Torrent download.

Having trouble watching a video? Try VLC.