The end of posts

As with most hobbies, blogging takes a lot of valuable time. I registered this website in 2006 while in university as a place to share ideas, notes and technical documentation. It ended up being used by my fellow classmates for skipping class. Oops.

Since then it has mainly been host to my custom WordPress plugins (like Mass Page Maker) and some of my Arduino creations (like CoffeeBot). Most of the time those posts come with months or even years in between, so clearly I didn’t give the blog the attention it deserved.

The reason for that is because I picked up many other hobbies or time-sinks. Things like cycling, other electronic creations and driving took higher priority. So today this post is just to say that there won’t be any additional new posts. All of the archived content is still available (like this one about C programming that still gets most of the traffic?) and comments are disabled.

Thanks, internet!