Introducing “Here’s My Location”, an iPhone app

Towards the end of school in April, I got in contact with a classmate who was connected to iPhone development, and in September I started working full time for them. It’s been really cool to see how apps actually progress from ideas to real products, because so many people use them, but only a small percentage actually understand the mechanics of how the apps get onto their phones.

I mostly did some feature additions to existing apps to get to know Objective-C and the iOS environment, but during a recent road trip, I created an app that has just entered the App store. A small utility, it serves a need that I could have used many times on the trip.

It’s called Here’s My Location and it gives you the ability to alert friends and family to your exact GPS location through email and SMS. There are similar applications out in the store already, but I think this one has the right combination of simplicity and utility that many people like.

To use the app, open it and wait for the GPS accuracy indicator to go green. This little badge changes based on the accuracy of the phone’s current location: red for inaccurate, yellow for moderate, and green for accurate to approximately 5-10m (the iPhone’s limit). You can send a message using the top two blue buttons, or copy the formatted Google Maps link to the pasteboard to use in another application.

It’s really a simple start, but I hope that through user feedback I can add other requested features in the future.

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2 comments on “Introducing “Here’s My Location”, an iPhone app
  1. Deborah Armstrong says:

    I just posted a review of “Here’s My location” to Applevis, the community portal for visually impaired iDevice users. It’s a super app for a voiceover user, because if you get lost you can email or text a friend who can look at a map to assist you. Thanks for making it work flawlessly with VoiceOver!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the review/comment, Deborah! Another user emailed me after the first version was released about accessibility options, so I made sure I spent some time on it for the update.

    Clearly it was worth it!