My MacBook has a broken top case

It has happened. After 2 solid years of service, my MacBook has cracked on the top case, in the above picture.

I thought I was being careful with my computer, but even with careful usage, it seems that a combination of the monitor spacers and palm pressure cracks the case on the edge. Naturally the new unibody MacBooks don’t show this problem.

If this problem has happened to your computer, Apple now repairs the case free of charge, regardless of warranty. Take it to the Genius Bar and it should be taken care of.

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2 comments on “My MacBook has a broken top case
  1. claudia says:

    Hello, that is happening to my macbook case,
    whats the genius bar?… please I need help ASAP

  2. wesg says:

    @claudia: This is a known problem with MacBooks, so if you take it to the Apple store after making an appointment, they should be able to fix it at no charge, even without a warranty.