New page to build CSV files for Mass Page Maker

I’ve received a lot of feedback for the CSV feature I added to my Mass Page Maker WordPress plugin. Most of the responses were positive, about how much time users will save, which I really like to hear. There were also comments about invalid CSV files, making the job significantly harder.

To try to solve those problems, I’ve made a page on the site that generates text that can be saved in a CSV file, based on the same elements the plugin uses. While still requiring manual user input, it can save time by ensuring the file works properly with the plugin on the first try. It will escape all characters that require it.

I’m still working on automatically generating the actual file itself, but the current page should help to build files that work properly with the plugin.

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5 comments on “New page to build CSV files for Mass Page Maker
  1. jane says:

    the page leads to a 404

  2. wesg says:

    @jane: Thanks for the heads up. I’m currently updating the page to work with the current theme, so it will be available shortly.

  3. wesg says:

    @jane: The page has been updated. Please try it again.

  4. Weight says:

    Is it possibly to create “mass post title via rss” automatically? If so, I’m very appreciated if you can do that. I really need it.

  5. Jan Peter says:

    Parent page is not working.

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