Make room for new iPods

It’s happening again. Just like the last 3 Septembers, Steve Jobs is on stage in San Francisco introducing us to new iPods that need to be purchased. There’s a new nano, new classic and new touch and each has a more curved shell than before, and packs in even more great features.

Here’s what has gone down so far.

iPod classic

Bye bye 2 models, and say hello to a single configuration: 120GB. That’s a good idea. One model with massive storage for everyone. It also has new interface changes and a modified exterior.

iPod nano

Just like the pictures that have made their way around the internet in the past week, this new nano is rounded on the edges and has a more elongated screen for watching widescreen videos. Thin and light, it comes in 4 and 8 GB sizes, and also in a wide range of interesting colors.

iPod touch

Continuing the trend of making all iPods more like the iPhone 3G case, the iPod touch has a rounded body, with improvements like external volume buttons and an internal speaker. While I have a 2G iPod touch, I wouldn’t mind getting one with a speaker. It also has Nike+ built in, so you just need the shoe sensor and you’re good to go. They’re also pushing the touch as a gaming platform, likely because of the graphics power and interface.

iTunes 8

To take advantage of the new features in the new iPods, there is a new version of iTunes that includes a tool called Genius. Apparently it looks at your playing habits and recommends songs from your library or the Music Store to help you find new music. Probably some more smaller fixes, but we’ll find that out later. The Music Store has also added HD TV shows, and shows from NBC (like the Office).

iPhone Software 2.1

Finally! This update supposedly fixes app crashes and makes backing up faster. No one will really know until we can try it this Friday though.

New headphones

For a more inflated price of $79 USD, you can now get a new and improved set of earbud headphones that have more speaker power, a microphone and remote control. The mic is kind of cool, but I’m not sure it’d be worth the extra cash.

So there you have it. New iPods, new iTunes, new features. Time to start saving again.

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