Speck ToughSkin is one tough case

When you use your electronic gadgets out and about during your daily travels, you need a way to protect them from the inevitable scratches, scrapes and accidental droppings. To make matters worse, most of the iPods now feature a shiny metal back plate that acts like a fingerprint magnet. To protect your investment, you need a case.

Since late in June, I’ve been using a Speck ToughSkin case for my iPod touch and I’ve had a hard time finding a better product to protect my expensive gadget.

Black with thick rubber pieces around the side of the iPod, it adds heavy-duty protection from fingerprints, scratches and moderate drops without adding much mass. Where I was once leery of putting my iPod down without something soft beneath it, I now worry more about battery life than scratching the back. Unlike many other products, this case offers exactly the result it says it does.

It does not offer a screen protector, but an additional $20 for a clear screen takes care of that. Right now I use the original plastic cover, and it does the job nicely.

If you’re looking for a rugged, lightweight case for your iPod touch, look no farther than the Speck Toughskin.

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