iPhone apps that I would use in an instant

In less than 2 weeks iPhone 2.0 will be released to the masses and developers will start making the iPhone and iPod touch a viable computing platform. I, for one, am excited to see what will be released in the coming months.

If you’re a developer looking for some application ideas, here is a list of applications I hope are made soon after v2.0 is released.

Unit converter

Dashboard widgets add great functionality to Mac OS X, and I think they can be an excellent addition to the iPhone experience. An application that can convert a variety of units would be invaluable while traveling to a foreign country or even in daily journeys.

WordPress integration

If you saw the keynote of Steve Jobs introducing iPhone 2.0 software, you likely noticed the demo of the native Movable Type application. Something similar would be great to have for WordPress. A portable admin panel that could be used to write posts, manage pages and comments along with the ability to include iPhone snaps with the camera would be perfect.

WiFi scanner

The WiFi panel in the iPhone preference pane does not do the searching task as well as it could. A dedicated application could actively search out networks, and even provide more information, much like iStumbler does on the Mac. Rather than busting out your computer to do a quick Google search, you could find an open network immediately and use Safari to find the required information. Everything you need in the palm of your hand.

Instant Messaging client

Of all the suggestions here, I think this one will be fulfilled quickest. The guys at Adium have already posted about their plans much earlier in the year, and many of their issues were resolved with final SDK. I hope the ‘app with the duck’ comes to the iPhone quickly and that I get better at typing with my fingers.

Keychain manager

While traveling recently, I made a note on my iPod with frequently accessed passwords so that I could stay connected with my online activities. It worked well, but a dedicated keychain manager could do a much better job. Something that is a little more secure, and maybe syncs with Keychain on my Mac would be great.

File browser

With at least 8 GB of storage, the iPhone makes a great pocket drive. It’s unfortunate that the filesystem is largely inaccessible without Jailbreaking your portable. Currently the only way I have learned to view files on the iPod is to email them to myself, but that is far from elegant, and has many limitations on its own. An application that can browse the system, and maybe even a network share would solve most of my problems, and be exceptionally helpful when using new networks.

So there are some ideas for applications for the iPhone. What do you think? Will the release of the SDK create some innovative apps?

Happy birthday to me!
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  1. dEFTHOMAS says:

    Check the plugin

  2. wesg says:

    @defthomas: could you be a little more specific?