The trials of releasing your own software

It’s been an interesting few days since I released my first WordPress plugin, Comment Connection. I had no idea how many people mind find value in the plugin, but I was very happy when 18 people downloaded it in the first 24 hours. No GTAIV release to be sure, but there is something deeply satisfying about seeing other people take interest in something you’ve created.

So now it’s been 5 days, and I’ve released 3 new versions since 1.0. Each version has addressed some comments made after the initial release. I’ve been able to add support for colon detection, only replacing the first occurrence of a commenter, and processing comments with multiple references. Each represented a unique challenge for adding functionality that I had no idea people wanted, or would come up with.

That’s the thing with software: you can only include scenarios you can think of immediately, and have to be open to revisions when more ideas arrive. I hadn’t really thought about having comments with multiple references, but when I decided to add the functionality, it turned out to be a big challenge, and required me to rewrite all the code. After an afternoon of research, I was able to add all the features requested in the comments originally, and then I was pleasantly surprised when the plugin was downloaded another 18 times.

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It’s nice when people take an interest in something you’ve made, whether that is a tiny WordPress Plugin or an entire software suite. Based on this positive feedback, I will continue to work and improve Comment Connection.
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