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If you’ve been reading my website for a while, you’ll see that the footer at the bottom of each page keeps growing in size. When I first started the site, it contained the basic information like Powered by WordPress, but I have since added more. For those who may be interested, here is how the info is gathered/shared.

Numbers correspond to above picture.

  1. Akismet is the leading blocker of spam for WordPress websites, and it works well to repel spam. This is simply the Akismet function that outputs the total spam count since I enabled the plugin.
  2. I was curious about how fast my web host was serving my pages, and decided to figure how to incorporate this with WordPress. When I couldn’t find a good enough tutorial, I created my own solution.
  3. This is the output of my newest WordPress plugin, Cache Time. It displays the current time that the page was cached, or, if the page is never cached, the current time. It takes into account the time zone of the WordPress blog.
  4. This last piece of info is all my own. It uses a combination of an Applescript for Adium, Transmit FTP client, and Automator to tie it all together. Basically the process goes Applescript to find MacBook uptime -> print to text file -> use Transmit to upload text file to website -> use PHP to print that text file. Though I’m working on having it update automatically every hour, it is currently updated whenever I remember. So far my record is 15 days.

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3 comments on “The Footer
  1. phalkunz says:

    I really like #4. It’s such a brilliant idea of yours. However, for the implementation, i would go for bash script instead, using command-line ftp to upload the file and crontab to schedule the task periodically.

    Anyways, I enjoy reading the content on your blog. Cheers.

  2. wesg says:

    Thanks, I really appreciate it!

    The bash/crontab sounds like a very good way to implement the code. I’m going to have a look at it, and maybe release something when it works the way I want it to.