The coolest part of blogging

If you had told me 5 years ago that I’d ever start a blog — much less one about Macs — I’d probably look at you funny. I never really thought that I would have knowledge about something that other people would find interesting, or valuable. But here we are.

It’s now almost been 6 months since I’ve started, and I’m quite happy with the results. Slowly, more people are visiting, and it’s very nice to see people writing comments about posts that I’ve made.

This brings me to the reason for the title of the post — the coolest part about blogging. To me, blogging exemplifies everything the Web was originally meant for. People sharing their opinion and knowledge with others, who go and share that info with even more people. I thought of all this because a recent post contained some information about the footer of my website. I shared that the part that says “My MacBook has been on for xx days” was a result of a number of Applescripts and Automator actions. Commenter phalkunz stated that they liked the idea, and had developed an even more elegant solution. I was excited that someone else had taken the time to read my post, and also come up with another method. Thanks, phalkunz!

So for me, the coolest part about blogging is having other people take interest in what you’ve done, comment, and write about your post in turn. If you comment on my website with a link to your blog, it is very likely that I will follow the link and browse your site for interesting information. I hope that more comments are made, and that even more people value the information I have to share.

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One comment on “The coolest part of blogging
  1. phalkunz says:

    You got the essence of blogging I think. Hope other people find your blog interesting as much as I do.