Download the WordPress theme viewer

Wordpress themes are some of the greatest pieces of software to come out of the open-source movement. Created by anyone for anyone else to use, they offer some terrific designs and can be an easy way to get a website online.

If you visit the WordPress theme viewer, you’ll see sample themes that you can download immediately, or even take a test drive of the theme itself. In each theme, the text is a Latin collection that is used in many other applications as placeholder text, and it showcases all the different elements of a WordPress blog, from ordered and unordered lists to blockquotes.

What I’ve done is collected this text and added it to an XML file that can now be downloaded and turned into a blog quickly to see the theme’s look. Once imported into your existing WordPress blog, you can browse the site and check the different elements.

Download the WordPress test site XML file


Before importing into WordPress, open the XML file in your favourite text editor (may I suggest Taco HTML Edit?) and search for all occurrences of *Wordpress URL* (including the *). This represents the WordPress URL of your blog and it keeps the permalink structure together. It needs to be replaced by the URL found in your WordPress admin panel under Settings (ie. Then, copy the picture spectacles.gif to the WordPress uploads folder at /wp-content/uploads/. Once you do this, you can import the XML file and test drive your own theme.
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