WordPress Plugins I use

You’ll notice that this blog is quite a bit different than the default setup of a regular WordPress blog. I’ve changed a few things to the design and code to make it do exactly what I’m looking for. Besides my custom design, I have a few WordPress Plugins that make this site work.
Plugins in bold are my own creations.
They are:

  • Absolute RSS – makes images and links appear correctly inside RSS feeds.
  • All-in-one SEO pack – makes the site friendlier to search engines (replaced Optimal Title and Improved Meta Description Snippets).
  • Change Config Files – My own unreleased plugin to modify WordPress configuration files.
  • Code Markup – Wherever you see code displayed in a post, it’s because Code Markup makes sure it looks correct.
  • Comment Connection – A custom plugin to link comments that reference one another.
  • Feedburner Feedsmith – redirects the blog RSS feed to FeedBurner.
  • Find and Replacer – Replaces text and tags throughout your blog database with SQL queries.
  • Mass Page Maker – My plugin to make it easy to add multiple pages to your blog.
  • Most Popular Posts – The sidebar widget that creates a link to the most popular posts on your blog.
  • No Self Pings – Stops pings when you link old posts from new ones.
  • WP-Cache – Excellent cache plugin to lessen the server load.
  • Simple Tags – converts tags at the bottom of a post to Technorati tags.
  • Role Manager – Customize user permissions.
  • Random redirect – redirects ?random to a random post, which I have modified into a link in the sidebar.
  • WordPress Automatic Upgrade – Easily upgrade your entire WP installation with a few clicks.
  • WP-Spamfree – A replacement for Akismet, it catches 99.9% of all spam comments.

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