Install Windows after getting the “Disk Error” message

When I got my MacBook, I was excited to put Windows on it and play a few games. Shocking, I know, but the games that I was interested in just weren’t available for the Mac. Soon after, I learned one of my classes required us to use a Windows program for some design work. I installed Parallels and life was good.

Soon after I upgraded to Leopard, I wanted to play some games again and set about using Boot Camp to install Windows. As is the case so often with Windows, I came face to face with a cryptic error message. It gave the excellent explanation of

Disk Error. Press any key to restart.

I began trying other things, and soon after I was shown another error message that said

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

No amount of searching could yield a result, until I came across a single page that had something about the way the partition was created. I tried the install again, and this time it worked!

The difference was the way Windows used the partition I had created with Boot Camp. Instead of using the Windows installer to create a new partition, as I had done before, I had to format the Boot Camp partition and leave the others alone. To do that, I selected the format option instead of pressing C to create a new partition, and now I can dual-boot both systems properly.
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3 comments on “Install Windows after getting the “Disk Error” message
  1. Thanks alot man i had the same problem and this trick solved it 🙂

  2. adam says:

    how do u select the format option

  3. wesg says:

    @adam: the format option is displayed during the setup process. There is a screen that says “Create a new partition” or “format partition”. Use the format selection and choose your internal drive and format as necessary.

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