Properly label iTunes movies

With the advent of the iPod Video, iTunes let you organize your movies into one convenient location. However, if you are anything like me, you’ve collected a large number of videos that aren’t exactly “movies”. You might have TV Shows, or live performances that have been ripped from your DVDs, and now they don’t all fit under the movie label.

The solution is to reorganize your videos so that they end up in iTunes under TV Shows, and enter your iPod the same way. To do this, you need a program that changes the label data within the movie so that iTunes can recognize it. Enter Parsley is Atomically Delicious. This handy little program takes files you have encoded for your iPod, and can rename them so that they appear in iTunes under the proper category. It can rename movies, TV shows or even music videos.

So how do you label an entire TV season at one time?

Let’s say you have a particular season of a TV show you would like to add to iTunes and your iPod. In this example, I have the 8th season of the Simpsons which I have ripped from a DVD. In the main window, I dragged all the media files I would like to add to iTunes. Then, a few settings must be changed to accurately label the files.

For an entire TV season:

  • Check Derive Episode ID
  • Enter the Show, Season number, and first episode into their respective boxes.
  • Check Batch Tag

Once the operation is complete, you should have a new media file ending in -temp that can be imported into iTunes with the proper tags.

If your original files are named like mine, you will have SxxExx – in the Title field in iTunes. To automatically remove the first few characters (in this case 9), use Doug’s Scripts for iTunes “Remove n characters” script. Once installed, this script will allow you to remove a specific number of characters from the front or back. Follow the instructions in the download, and it will clean up all your media files.
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