On Macs and Schedules

When it comes to technology, timing is everything. The problem, though, is that technology moves at such a high rate that whatever you buy now, will be outdated within weeks. This is especially true with Macs. Apple is such a secretive company that you can never tell when they will release a new product until it is done.

However, there are times of the year when it is best to wait and see what will come from Apple. These conferences often bring updates to the computer lines. They are:

  • Macworld San Francisco (second week of January)
  • Worldwide Developer Conference (July)*
  • Apple Expo (September)

* WWDC doesn’t usually have consumer product updates (ie. iPods) but has done so in the past.

The basic idea is to wait as long as you can before purchasing a Mac. If you need it now, buy it, and don’t look back. The computer or iPod will still be powerful, it just won’t be the latest and greatest.
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