How to: Use Butler to search the Web

I use Butler everyday, many times each day. I become less productive without it. One of the most productive uses I have found for Butler is linking it to Internet search engines. Here is a tutorial on how to make Butler play nice with Google et al.

Popular Search Engine Data

Search Engine Prefix Shortcut
eBay Ctrl + Option + e
Google Images
Suffix: &ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8
Ctrl + Option + p
Google Maps
Suffix: &hl=en
Ctrl + Option + m
Wikipedia Ctrl + Option + w
Suffix: &search=Search
Ctrl + Option + y


  1. Open the Butler customization menu by choosing the menubar item or opening the application itself.
  2. Choose the Engines tab; this is where the search engines will be configured.
  3. At the bottom left corner, click the plus sign and select Search Engine.
  4. In the name field of the new Search Engine, add a descriptive name.

  5. Select the URL tab and copy and paste the data found in the above table into their respective fields.
  6. Select the Configuration tab at the top of the Butler window.
  7. Select the Plus sign at the bottom of the Butler window and choose Control > Customize Search Engines…
  8. Enter a name for your search engine, and select the Search Engine tab.
  9. From the dropdown menu, find the search engine configuration completed earlier.
  10. Under the Triggers tab, click the + next to Hot Key.
  11. Press the keys of your desired hot key, or use the data in the table (Press all keys at the same time).
  12. Exit the Butler window and test your configuration.

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