How to: Save YouTube videos

While there are websites available that can save and convert YouTube (and other flash video) videos to use on an iPod or other media device, nothing beats having control over the output and doing something yourself. Here, I’ll show you how to convert YouTube videos using iSquint for Mac OS X.



  1. Use Safari to navigate to the YouTube page you want to save.
  2. Under the Window menu, choose Activity. This will open the activity monitor where you can see all the files associated with the page.
  3. Going down the list of files, there will be one (often the first entry) that has a size of >1MB and somewhere in the name it says get_video.
  4. Double click this file name. This will download the video file to your download folder, where it can now be converted.
  5. Navigate to your download folder once the video has downloaded, and you will find a file called get_video.
  6. Drag this file into the iSquint window, where it will be encoded based on the settings you have earlier specified (defaults are good enough for an iPod).
  7. Click Start.

There are other applications available that do everything at once, but this is probably the simplest process with software you might already have for converting video.
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One comment on “How to: Save YouTube videos
  1. John says:

    This worked perfectly…. good thing i have a mac and not a PC…. you saved my presentation. thanxs alot. and if theres anyone out there wanting to to save a youtube video on your desktop for private viewing or even to insert in a presentation, this will do it.