How to: Play/Pause Quicktime from any application

There are many ways to pause and play iTunes from any application, but this is one of the first solutions I’ve found to pause Quicktime movies when in another application. It is very practical when listening to long clips and switching back and forth between programs.


  • Butler (or another application launcher)


  1. Open the Butler configuration screen by clicking on the Butler menu bar.
  2. Click the plus icon at the bottom left, and choose Smart Item > Applescript > Applescript
  3. Under the Source Code tab on the right, type the following:
    tell application "QuickTime Player"
    if document 1 is playing then
    pause document 1
    play document 1
    end if
    end tell
  4. Under the Option tab, name the script something descriptive (ie. Play QT)
  5. Under the Triggers tab, choose a shortcut to activate the Applescript (I chose Ctrl + Option + Cmd + space)
  6. Enjoy videos!

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