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Make room for new iPods

It’s happening again. Just like the last 3 Septembers, Steve Jobs is on stage in San Francisco introducing us to new iPods that need to be purchased. There’s a new nano, new classic and new touch and each has a

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Help Google Maps tell your iPod where it is

When the iPhone arrived on the scene in 2007, it brought with it the ability to pinpoint your location to a fairly small area. This meant that if you were looking for, say, a local fish and chips restaurant, the

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Speck ToughSkin is one tough case

When you use your electronic gadgets out and about during your daily travels, you need a way to protect them from the inevitable scratches, scrapes and accidental droppings. To make matters worse, most of the iPods now feature a shiny

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Pick the right iPod

In 2001, Apple introduced the 5GB iPod. At first it wasn’t the amazing success it is today, but soon people realized that Apple’s hardware/software integration made the MP3 player experience that much better. Soon Apple came out with different models,

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iPod touch 2.0 is twice as cool

When I initially got my iPod touch, I was very impressed with its features, capabilities and design. Suddenly I was no longer chained to my MacBook for portable computing. Last evening I upgraded to iPod software 2.0, and in a

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