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Operating system look: Snow Leopard

It’s now been close to three weeks since Snow Leopard arrived in stores, and the Internet has now had a chance to go through the entire system and find the good, the bad and the barely changed. I’ve been using

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Snow Leopard arrives (this Friday)

The time has come for a new Macintosh operating system. Mac OS X 10.6, or Snow Leopard as the cool kids call it, will arrive in stores this coming Friday and bring a host of new features with it. The

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My MacBook has a broken top case

It has happened. After 2 solid years of service, my MacBook has cracked on the top case, in the above picture. I thought I was being careful with my computer, but even with careful usage, it seems that a combination

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Brief thoughts on iPhone 3.0

The newest version of Apple’s iPhone operating system was released a few weeks ago, and since I made the upgrade to my first-gen iPod touch, I’ve been using the system off and on. It does an excellent job of polishing

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New stuff at WWDC

Not much comes close to setting the interwebs ablaze than an Apple keynote. Fanboys everywhere were glued to their computer screens yesterday to learn what new things would come out of Cupertino this summer. While the WWDC is a developer’s

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