Month: November 2008

Interesting ad choice for a Mac blog

I’m a regular reader of the Mac news blog and today I noticed an interesting ad on the sidebar. The ad (shown above) was for a company called Psystar, which sells computers preinstalled with OS X, Vista or XP

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Bright idea: Check your plugins!

I’d been struggling valiantly with a blog that refused to save properly without giving an error (plug:, check it out!) until earlier today I decided to try modifying the settings until something changed. After deactivating the first plugin–which happened

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Blog changes

You may have noticed some changes on the blog in the last day or so. After seeing the sidebar vanish from its designated placement once again, I decided to change the WordPress to one that eschews the sidebar in favor

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Applescript: Get TV Titles

UPDATE: (which I use to find the show titles) has since changed their format, so I cannot guarantee that this script works as advertised. I will confirm it in the near future. UPDATE 2: This Applescript has been replaced

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Reminder: BCC hides your contacts

I’m writing this today as a public service. You may notice that your mail client typically contains 3 address entries: To, CC, and BCC. To is self explanatory, but the other two are often misused. CC, or carbon copy, sends

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