Month: May 2008

Applescript to unmount stubborn volumes

I’ve been frustrated recently because external hard drives connected to my MacBook have refused to unmount. After resorting to restarting before trying again, I posted my problem to a number of online forums. Knowledgeable member of the Macworld forums oddlot

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The coolest part of blogging

If you had told me 5 years ago that I’d ever start a blog — much less one about Macs — I’d probably look at you funny. I never really thought that I would have knowledge about something that other

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Upgrade the MacBook Part 1: Change the Hard Drive

This is part 1 of upgrading your MacBook. Part 2 is moving the data to the new drive. When you purchase a MacBook, the options for hard drive space are 80GB, 120GB, or now, 250GB. I went with the stock

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The Footer

If you’ve been reading my website for a while, you’ll see that the footer at the bottom of each page keeps growing in size. When I first started the site, it contained the basic information like Powered by WordPress, but

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How to: Extend your Airport network with WDS

If you’re like me, you wait for a while whenever new technology arrives. We didn’t get a DVD player until they had been on the scene for a few months, and we didn’t have high speed internet until the price

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