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googleIt has been just over 48 hours since officially went online, and I have now started the process of increasing traffic to the site. The first task is to get the site into the Google index. This is important because it will get the site included in Google searches for keywords that match the site.

But how do you increase the rank of your site in the Google index? The best way to do this is to place links to your site on any online community you are a part of. These include forums, discussion boards, profiles and site databases.

To get my site in the index, I looked for anything that I participate in online – like forums, user profiles and other websites that I have helped build. I also submitted it to Digg, and within 1.5 hours, the page I linked to was in the index. I did the same thing for my Macworld forum profile and my Adium profile. I did this for a number of other forums, so that now people will see the site address, and given enough time, Google will find the links as well.
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